Republicans Need to Stand Strong and Educate

I don’t understand the way the Republicans are negotiating with the Administration over fixing our incredibly screwed up national finances. I also don’t understand how Harry Reid is getting a pass on nearly everything related to policy these days. Since it seems the talks are between the Republican controlled House of Representatives and the Administration, the Senate is nearly irrelevant. This needs to change and the Republicans have to lead the discussion on the proper working of our government, the role of each of the players and how the process is supposed to run its course.
So here is what I want to see. I want the Republicans to very publicly and very succinctly outline the bills they have already passed to address any number of issues from Obamacare to the budget. Then they should repeatedly state that they have executed their responsibility and it is up to the Senate to submit alternative bills to address those issues they want to take up. For the budget, they need to pass a budget through the Senate. Republicans should say they will not consider any solution, nor change any of their passed bills, until the Senate passes reciprocal bills and the two houses can do to conference to workout the differences. This is how the process is supposed to work in layman’s terms. The negotiation happens there, not with the Whitehouse. If the passed bill out of the House AND Senate is not signed into law by the President, then the Congress can try to override the veto or start again.
Bottomline, Republicans should force the process to work it’s self out. If the Senate refuses to play, they need to beat the drum that it is the Senate that is not fulfilling its responsibility. This will also remove the Administration from being in the lime light as they like and will require them to take action on anything that comes out of the Congress. If the House does it’s job, then it is up to the Senate to respond.

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