A note to Representative Steve Austria

Dear Representative Austria, First, I would like to thank you for your service as our Representative these last few years. I know it must be hard to depart but I thought it mighty honorable for you to step aside when the districts were tweaked. As you look to the end of a great run, I would like you to consider voting NO on any “fiscal cliff” solution that attempts any tax hike on anyone. In fact, I would like to have the country drive off the cliff at full throttle. That might sound contrary to my wish for you to vote NO given the tax burden when we run off the cliff will be substantial. My point is that everyone bears a responsibility for funding this bloated government and the cliff will impact everyone in a very real way. Avoiding the bitter pill will only drive us deeper into the hole. We as a country must feel the pinch before we are truly motivated to act. So, unless the fix is a complete tax overhaul (flat or fair tax) and a massive reversal of entitlement spending including health care, I believe the best course is to make the country face reality. Thank you again for your service and I look forward to seeing you back in Beavercreek more often. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee at 4Starters!

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