Beavercreek City Council Passes Resolution on 1.5% Income Tax Referendum

Beavercreek City Council Meeting – 28 Jan 2013

                Tonight the Beavercreek City Council met in regular session at city hall.  Members in attendance included Mayor Vicki Giambrone, Vice Mayor Jerry Petrak, Council Members Brian Jarvis, Scott Hadley, Melissa Litteral, Zach Upton, and Debborah Wallace, City Manager Michael Cornell, City Attorney Stephen McHugh and the Clerk of Council Dianne Lampton.

                Prior to the Call to Order, the Council recognized the awards earned by several young Beavercreek citizens in the VFW Post 8312 Voice of Democracy Speech and Patriots Pen Essay Contests. 

                Following the Roll Call three Boy Scouts led the assembled gathering in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of silence for service members serving abroad. 

                Ms. Marty Heide, Congressman Turner’s Greene County Outreach coordinator provided information on two opportunities for Beavercreek students sponsored by Congressman Turner.  The first is a Service Academy Day at Centerville High School on 13 April from 8am until noon.  This is an opportunity for students in the 8th grade on up to meet with representatives from all of the Service Academies to learn about what it means to attend an academy, military life in general and how to prepare.  There will be specific information available on the Congressional nomination process. 

                The second opportunity is the 2013 Congressional Art Competition.  Dating back to 1982, this competition recognizes the artistic and creative talents of high school juniors and seniors.  Each student is allowed one entry.  The works of art are collected at the beginning of April and are put on display are the Dayton Art Institute through early May.  There they are judged with the winner going to Washington D.C. for a reception and their artwork is displayed in the Capital Tunnel over the next year.  For more information on the Congressional Art Competition please go to for details, student packets and release forms and to see the local winners from 2011 and 2012. 

                The minutes from 14 Jan 13 were approved with minor editorial changes and the minutes for the 21 Jan special meeting were approved as written.

                Next the council read for the second time ordinances and resolutions up for consideration.  The first was the Ordinance 13-01 Z 12-2 Soin Rezoning (no public comment).  The second was the Ordinance 13-02 PUD 12-2 Crestview Manor Rezoning and Concept Plan (no public comment).  Additional information on both of these can be found in the minutes to the Beavercreek City Planning Commission minutes from 5 Dec 12 (  The third Ordinance read for a second time , 13-03 Beavercreek Bikeway Advisory Bylaw Review Committee Recommendations, also did not meet with any public comment. 

                The Council then unanimously approved the Resolution 13-04 to include a referendum, “1.5% Income Tax Shall Be Submitted To the Electors”, for the 7 May 2013 election. 

                The City Manager then gave his report starting with a review of the Municipal Income Tax being put on the ballot in May.  This is a 1.5% income tax for a 7 year term starting 1 Jan 2014.  The tax exempts military pay, social security benefits, pension plans, interest and dividends as well as capital gains.  There will be 100% credit given for taxes paid to another municipality.  Also, no less than 20% of the taxes revenue will be allocated to the capital improvement budget.  As part of this tax plan recurring levies covering some areas intended to be funded by the income tax, such as the street levy, will be let to expire.  Thus, the Council claims property taxes will decrease by 2017 by $223/yr per $100,000 of assessed property value.  Additionally, the city will be barred from introducing any additional levies during the 7 year income tax period.  The Mayor pointed out that more information can be found on the City of Beavercreek website at 

Next the Mr Cornell provided information on the I Love Beavercreek Celebrity Affair to be held at Bar Louie on 7 Feb to support local non-profit organizations through the Beavercreek Forward Foundation. 

Following the City Managers report, the Mayor reminded those assembled that Beavercreek has the lowest effective tax rate in the region.  She stressed that the Council and the city government has tightened their belts, cut more than $2M from the city budget and continues to run budget drills and scenarios to plan for future budgets.  She also went on to relate conversations she has had with some local businesses about the fear the income tax would chase business away.  She said those she has talked to dismissed the possibility since they pay municipal income taxes at other locations.  The Mayor also thanked Wright State University for the Beavercreek appreciation night at a recent WSU basketball game.  Following here remarks, she asked for additional comments from the council members.  Mr Upton had none.  Ms. Wallace welcomed Sleep Outfitters and Debella’s Subs, two new Beavercreek businesses, to the community.  Mr. Petrak made the point that the Income Tax referendum, if passed, specifically precludes the Council from enacting additional taxes or change the code as passed without a voter referendum on the change.  Mr. Hadley added that the Township was rolling back 2 mil of a levy as an agreement with the city but he also reiterated that the passage of the income tax in the city will not prohibit the school district or the township from proposing additional levies or taxes themselves.  Ms. Litteral had no comment.  Mr Jarvis expressed that he is pleased the tax will come before the voters. 

The meeting was adjourned to Executive Session at 6:32 pm.   

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