Why it is so important to educate your representatives

This past Monday I attended the monthly lunch put on by the Greene County Ohio GOP. Typically, there is a guest speaker, usually an elected official, and folks mingle with others interested in the activities of the party. This week was no different. The speaker was State Representative Bob Hackett. Now I want to be sure you understand I appreciate Representative Hackett taking the time to speak to us and he provided some really good insights into what is going on in Columbus. However, his talk and the interaction with the audience that was there highlighted an important point: Without our efforts to communicate what the issues are and our positions on those issues, it is unreasonable for us to expect our Representatives to take enlighted and informed positions on items that interest us.
I cannot stress this enough. Without your reasoned emails, phone calls and personal face-to-face discussions,many of our Representatives are left to staffers and lobbyists to form opinions, often to our detriment. In the context of the lunch, Representative Hackett, a pro-business guy trying to what is right by Ohio, was asked about his stance on Common Core. Now I don’t want to get into the nuts and bolts of Common Core here as it is not the point. The point is Representative Hackett stated he had not taken a position on Common Core. He stated that he was not an expert on this subject but that he was interested in programs that raise standards and support students getting the skills employers want. A perfect opportunity to educate and influence a lawmaker. And reasoned discussion and information is welcomed.
So here is my charge to you. Engage! Find a topic you believe your Representative needs to know about and write or visit them during open office hours. Then do it again. Your ability to influence cannot be overestimated.

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